Online Meeting
Effortless communication, in any language
Live subtitles for multilingual meeting
Provide instant translation subtitles in real-time within 1 second
Create a meeting and invite foreign colleagues to freely speak their language while real-time subtitles provide instant translation
Support for three languages in the same meeting
With Felo Meet's multilingual communication feature, you can support the communication of three different languages at the same time
Record the meeting content in one second
With the real-time subtitles + mynote, you can record all the speeches at the meeting in one second
Collaborative meeting for more efficient communication
Support for multiple people to view and edit files in real-time, as well as one-click translation of multilingual files and materials
Run safe, secure, worry-free virtual meetings
Protecting your meetings
Meeting hosts can use the following security features in the meeting:
Ensure the security of the meeting with encryption technology
Create Waiting Rooms for attendees
Remove a participant
Lock the meeting
Protect the meeting with passwords
See how global customers use Felo Meet
International business meeting
Language barriers often hinder communication and cooperation in international business meetings. Felo Meet supports multilingual translation, making it easy for participants to communicate and exchange ideas
Cross-border collaboration
Language barriers often make it difficult for international teams to collaborate effectively. Felo Meet enables cross-language communication, helping team members communicate and collaborate efficiently.
Remote training
Remote training requires a lot of interaction and communication. Felo Meet provides fast note-taking, collaborative document editing, and other functions to help participants better record and digest training content.
Customer's comments for Felo Meet
Our company needs to communicate and collaborate frequently with global customers and suppliers. With this meeting system, we can easily overcome language barriers and achieve efficient communication and collaboration.
David M.
President, Small business
Felo Meet is easy to use and rich in features. We can edit documents and take notes in real-time during the meeting, which greatly improves our team collaboration and work efficiency.
Assistant, Transnational Company
Felo Meet's multilingual translation feature is accurate and convenient, enabling seamless communication between users of different languages.
Project Manager, Technology Company
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